Meet the Central Team in Switzerland!

Silvia Cardellino

Founder and National Director

Trained as a plant scientist and now Journal Manager at the OA publisher Frontiers, I am fascinated by the power of science to understand nature. I strive to share my curiosity and have founded the Swiss festival to help bring science to the public.

Raquel Adaia Sandoval Ortega

Bern Coordinator

Passionate neuroscientist conducting her PhD on chronic pain and sleep at UniBern. She strongly believes in the importance of science communication within the research community and towards the non-scientific public. Founder and chairperson of the Neuro Meet-ups Bern, a platform for early neuroscientists to share and discuss their project and network, and president of the young Swiss Society for Neuro-science (ySSN).​

Natalia-Efthalia Tousiaki

Basel Coordinator

Molecular Biologist, pursuing doctoral studies in neurobiology. Intrigued by fascinating scientific achievements in any field (be it archaeology, biology, cosmology, etc.) and I believe this beauty must be shared! Happy to be part of PoS Switzerland!

Joana Carlevaro Fita

Bern Coordinator

Decoding the complexity of natural systems and deciphering their inner gears are the forces that have driven my scientific career. Originally from Catalonia (Spain), where I graduated in Human Biology, I moved to Switzerland, where I got my PhD in Biomedical Sciences (University of Bern). As a passionate scientist, I love to share and discuss science either in a conference or at the pub!

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Lauriane Nallet

Zürich Coordinator

PhD Candidate in Neuroscience (Vascular Neurology and Rehabilitation).
I was frustrated to not have Pint of Science in my city in 2018… so I brought it myself!

I am so happy to be able to build a team of enthusiastic people and work together in this fantastic project! Enjoying every part of it!

Fabien Bourban

Lausanne Coordinator

Friendly bearded fellow who left his mountains for the basements of EPFL to study computer science. Science enthusiast, keen reader, shadowy cultist roleplayer, who can drag you into a sociological debate about the different elves population of Middle-earth as long as the beer flows.

Silvia Monari

Internal Coordinator

During my medical studies I became fashinated by the field of neuroscience, so I am currently doing my PhD on effect of stress on the brain at EPFL. However, what makes me less stressed is my passion for ballett and contemporary dance! After a beautiful experience in the organization of Pint of Science Italy in 2016, I was highly motivated to introduce Pint of Science in Switzerland. And now here we are!

Andrea Boni

National Treasurer

Scientist by training I now run my own startup. In love with microscopes and imaging Life.

Bruna Lima

National Fundraiser

With a PhD in Plant Science, I work at the OA publisher Frontiers to make science available to everyone. Combining scientific and beer-drinking skills, I now collaborate with the PoS festival.

Mazen Mahdi

National Fundraiser

Data enthusiast who is finding himself wondering in the lands of Switzerland. Strong believer in "paying it forward".

Pilar Vesga

National Web-manager

4th year PhD Candidate in Plant Sciences (Biocontrol of insect pests). 

I love to talk to people about how wonderful bacteria are and how they are not always the "bad guys". Doing research looking for a more sustainable world. 

Nicole Ackermans

National Web-manager and Social Media

PhD student in evolutionary biology at UZH, obsessed with vertebrate morphology.

I will happily ID that random bone you found in the forest.

Ale Parreño

National Web-manager

I am an ecologist interested in understanding nature and communicating this knowledge. I am also into sustainability and building bridges among different people. Do you have an idea to make this world a better place? I can help you make it happen!

Milena Freitas

National Social Media

Neuroscientist working towards making science fully open and passionate about science communication. I enjoy good science, good music and am always up for a pint!

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