Meet the Lausanne team!

Silvia Cardellino

Lausanne Coordinator

Trained as a plant scientist and now Journal Manager at the OA publisher Frontiers, I am fascinated by the power of science to understand nature. I strive to share my curiosity and have founded the Swiss festival to help bring science to the public.

Fabien Bourban

Lausanne Coordinator

Friendly bearded fellow who left his mountains for the basements of EPFL to study computer science. Science enthusiast, keen reader, shadowy cultist roleplayer, who can drag you into a sociological debate about the different elves population of Middle-earth as long as the beer flows.

Miriam Valera Albani


Biotechnologist trying to understand how the cell works by watching mitochondria dance. Born and raised in Spain and now pursuing a PhD in Life Sciences in Lausanne. Passionate about science communication, public outreach and explaining the right ingredients of a paella.

Sonja Ginger

Offline Media

Passionate PhD student working in the field of Bioengineering to make a small change to the world.​

Evgeniya Trofimenko

Offline Media

PhD student enthusiastic about discovering mysteries of the cell and working on improving drug delivery using cell-penetrating peptides.

Jane Yi
Event Manager

Born and raised in California with a korean heritage. Completed her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley and is pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at EPFL in Switzerland. Played the violin since the age of 7 and has danced ballet for 12 years. ​

Francesco Pennaccio
 Event Manager
Born and raised in Italy by a family of artists and theater players, I took the path of the black sheep choosing physical-chemistry as my domain. Still, after a PhD in physics, art caught me back through photography, probably my deepest passion. I am trying now to move in the direction of scientific communication, and my deepest interests at the moment concern the intersection between truth and beauty, science and visual art.

Aurélie Stephan
 Event Manager
Half biologist, half psychologist, my passion goes across discipline and my only goal is to participate to innovative research that bring together many specialists, scientists and others, and to continuously translate that knowledge to the grand public in any way possible.

Eleonora Borda
 Event Manager
My research focuses on the fabrication and testing of novel electrodes arrays to fight blindness. My final goal is to contribute to the realization of a visual prosthesis that could go on clinical trial.

Gianmarco Gatti

Event Manager

Trained as engineer and turned into material scientist, I am always curious about 'how things work' and how to communicate it to my next.

Dmitry Kopelyanskiy
 Event Manager
Lived in Russia, Israel, Germany and now in Switzerland to pursue my PhD. I believe that Science belongs to everyone. By telling scientific stories and making complex concepts fun, entertaining and easy to understand, we drive research forward, bring it to public and inspire future generations of scientists.
Arnau Llobet Rosell

Neuroscientist studying axon degeneration through the discovery of novel proteins involved in the degeneration process.

Ioanna Stefani
Molecular Biologist, now focused in protein matchmaking.

Giulia Barbera

Lorenzo Di Sopra

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