Meet the Bern Team!

Raquel Adaia Sandoval Ortega

Bern Coordinator

Passionate neuroscientist conducting her PhD on chronic pain and sleep at UniBern. She strongly believes in the importance of science communication within the research community and towards the non-scientific public. Founder and chairperson of the Neuro Meet-ups Bern, a platform for early neuroscientists to share and discuss their project and network, and president of the young Swiss Society for Neuro-science (ySSN).​

Joana Carlevaro Fita

Bern Coordinator

Decoding the complexity of natural systems and deciphering their inner gears are the forces that have driven my scientific career. Originally from Catalonia (Spain), where I graduated in Human Biology, I moved to Switzerland, where I got my PhD in Biomedical Sciences (University of Bern). As a passionate scientist, I love to share and discuss science either in a conference or at the pub!

Carlos Pulido


Biologist by vocation, bioinformatician by choice. Completed my formation moving from one place to another: BSc in the UIB (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), MSc in the UPF (Barcelona, Spain) and currently finishing my second year of PhD in the UniBern (Switzerland). I moved from the field of “everything that it’s alive” to “which genes provoke cancer”. Happy to be part of Pint of Science - Bern!

Else Schneider


Grew up in Munich, Germany, studied Psychology and Mathematics in Vienna, Austria, and just finished my PhD on cognitive neuroscience of memory and consciousness at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Now I am very interested on the interplay of memory and emotions. As I am highly enthusiastic about making science accessible to everyone, I am excited to be part of the Pint of Science-Bern team!

Merve Mutlu


PhD student working on therapy response in breast cancer. Enthusiast for connecting people with science.

Kelly Tuke

Offline Media

American transplant studying political philosophy in Bern since 2013. She loves learning about scientific research despite her very basic knowledge. She knew this was an event she herself would love to attend and would be a great opportunity for the Bernese public. She is in the final year of her PhD on rights to group self-determination in international law. In the meantime she is the study advisor for the MA Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy program at the UniBern.

Adrienne Vancura

Offline Media

Enthusiastic RNA scientist interested in the complex and beautiful forms of nature - and motivated to show the community these aspects in a fun and illustrative way

Tatjana Zoller

Online Media

MSc in Biochemistry and chemical Biology (UniBern) with a passion for non-coding RNAs and neurodegenerative diseases. Swiss born and raised but looking for a new challenge (PhD) elsewhere. I have only recently discovered science communication and I am excited to start my journey in this field as part of the Pint of Science in Bern.

Robin Schweri

Social Media and Fundraising

Master student in cancer biology, motivated to deepen my knowledge in science and excited to have an opportunity of conveying the beauty of science to a broader public.

David Francisco

Event Manager and assistant Fundraiser

Saw Jurassic Park as a kid, wanted to create dinosaurs, ended up as a bioinformatician instead (but give me time…). Originally from Portugal, currently doing a PhD at the IBU from UniBe in the field of Transcriptomics of the Brain Barriers as part of the BtRAIN European network. Scientist during the day, beer lover during the night, Pint of Science is the perfect intersection!

Rodrigo Díaz

Event Manager

Science & Beer enthusiast. Please don't make me choose between the two.

Luca Marchetti

Event Manager

I’m an immunologist, dog and tennis enthusiast from Italy, doing my PhD at UniBern. Science should be accessible to everyone and not just confined into our labs, therefore I’m very happy to be part of Pint of Science - Bern Team!

Núria Bosch

Event Manager

Human Biologist from Barcelona doing my PhD studies in Bern since 2 years. I play with genes and I am interested in how biotechnology and gene engineering can impact human health. Happy to be part of the team that launches Pint of Science in Bern!

Mariana Dias

Event Manager

Biologist that is passionate about discovering how is the brain affected in a disease context. Originally from Portugal, finished the MSc in Goettingen, Germany, and I am about to finish my PhD in UniBern, Switzerland. Because I am a science communication enthusiast, I am thrilled to help in the organization of Pint of Science in Bern!

Andrea Guzmán Mesa


Originally from Colombia, I did my Bachelor’s in mathematics and earned my master’s in Astronomy and Astrophysics from 3 different European Universities (Innsbruck, Rome and Goettingen) under the Erasmus Mundus Program. Currently I am a PhD student in Astrophysics at the University of Bern studying the atmospheres of planets out of our Solar System. I love science communication and I am an advocate for Women in Science. I am excited to be part of the Pint of Science Team in Bern!

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