Meet the Basel team!

Natalia-Efthalia Tousiaki

Basel Coordinator

Molecular Biologist, pursuing doctoral studies in neurobiology. Intrigued by fascinating scientific achievements in any field (be it archaeology, biology, cosmology etc) and I believe this beauty must be shared! Happy to be part of PoS Switzerland!

Anastasia Syntychaki

Event Manager and Fundraiser

Physicist interested in artificial intelligence and passionate for understanding "how things work". Eager to share this passion with everybody!

Jaicy Vallapurackal

Event Manager

I am a PhD student at the department of chemistry in Basel and work in a very interdisciplinary group focusing on artificial metalloenzymes and in vivo catalysis. I love explaining my science to friends and family and then listen to their ideas and concerns.

Sofiya Matviykiv

Event Manager and Social Media

I am a researcher in life sciences, with a taste for exploring the world and all that it offers, and a curiosity of understanding mechanisms of life and human body. I bring my knowledge and experience to investigate nanomedicines and their application. I am passionate for science contributing to a better world

Christiane Büttner

Event Manager and Offline Media

Master student in Social and Decision Psychology at University of Basel, passionate Research Assistant at the moment and hoping to bring more of that science passion to other people - also, YES, psychology is a science and, YES I can read your mind!

Gaia Bianco

Social Media

Passionate and curious Cancer Biologist, I love to listen to and tell stories about science. Deeply interested in Climate Change and Sustainability, I strongly believe that as scientists we the have the duty to spread knowledge and fight for the benefit of our Planet and for the progress of humanity.

Sabine Winkler

Event Manager and Offline Media

I'm a Neuroscientist who enjoys breaking down cool science stories for my non-science friends and picking the brains of people from all kinds of disciplines, both of which is usually more fun over a drink.

Diana Flores

Event Manager and Social Media

I have always been passionate about science. Driven by curiosity, I decided to study neurobiology and this gave me the opportunity to fulfill another of my passions - travel. I am originally from Mexico but have lived in Germany and am now based in Basel, Switzerland.

Pia Blum 


Product Desing Student at the University of Coburg, Germany.

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